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Bromley Adult Education College

Pilates for All  


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Understand the principles of Pilates. Concentration, alignment, breathing, centering, relaxation, coordination, flowing movements and stamina. Improve core stability to achieve exercises with greater body awareness.
Please bring your own mat if you have one and read the full description in ''More details'' below before completing your enrolment.  

More information
Improve your posture, realign your body and strengthen your core stability with flowing, controlled Pilates movements. Please note this is a physically active course, if you have any concerns regarding your health, please consult your doctor before enrolling. You will be asked to fill in the health and safety questionnaire during the first session.

Can I join late?
Yes. Anyone joining after the first session will be given extra support. You can join this course at any time.

Who is the course for?
This course is for anyone who has an interest in improving fitness, core muscles and stamina. Also suitable for people recovering from injury and for people suffering from long term back, neck or joint pains.

Do I need prior knowledge or experience?
No, all levels are welcome. Beginners will be given extra support and will work through simple versions of the exercises, while more advanced students will extend their skills according to level and ability.

How will I learn?
A practical course with a mixture of demonstration, individual monitoring and practical tasks.

How will my progress be assessed?
You will be assessed informally by your tutor, as part of normal classroom activities. There will be plenty of opportunities to discuss your progress with your tutor.

Is there an external qualification?
No, this is an non-accredited course

What can I do next?
You can progress at your own rythm within this mixed ability class, and further Pilates classes. You may also try Yoga classes at BAEC and elsewhere.

What do I need to bring?
Please wear loose comfortable clothing and either socks/plimsoles or be prepared to work in bare feet. You can bring a small bottle of water if you wish. Please bring your own mat.

Are there any extra costs?
Please bring your own mat.

Is there work between sessions?
It is useful to practise between sessions.

For further information, please contact:
Kentwood Centre on 0208 659 7976 or Curriculum Development Manager Philip Bedford

Course Summary

Code: P03751  

Starting: Monday 15 April 2024 

Location: Poverest Centre  

Tutor: Teija Jones  

Duration: 9 sessions over 9 week(s)

Time: 10:40 

Cost: £54 (concessions £43)  

By continuing you confirm that you are over 19 and have agreed to the the terms and conditions




Time and duration

Start Date: 15 April 2024
Start Time: 10:40
Day: Monday Morning
End Time: 11:40
Total Weeks: 9


Poverest Centre  
Poverest Road  
BR5 2DQ  

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