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Digital Skills - P04469 Smartphones 2 - Practical Know How  


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The second part of our comprehensive programme: Smartphones 2 - Practical Know How. This course is your gateway to mastering the practical applications of your smartphone in everyday life.
From checking public transport schedules to navigating unfamiliar routes and effortlessly sharing photos with friends, this course equips you with the essential skills to navigate the digital world seamlessly through your smartphone.
Join us as we elevate your smartphone knowledge and empower you to make the most of this indispensable tool in modern living

You will learn how to:
- Take photos and screenshots
- Share images with online sources
- Use travel apps such as public transport times
- Use maps for navigation and directions
- Use a common social media app such as WhatsApp
- Use a public service app, such as the library app
And more.

Note: You are required to bring your own Smartphone to the course.

Prior experience required:
You should be able to already use your phone to connect to the internet, send and receive emails and texts and install applications. If you cannot do this, it is recommended you complete Smartphones 1 - Master the Basics before attending this course.

Recommended follow on course:
There is no specific follow on course for smartphones. Learners may like to improve their PC skills through the Digital Skills for Everyday life - 3 step Computing programme.

More information
If further information is required please phone the college and ask to speak to a member of the digital skills team. Alternatively send an email to

Can I join late?
For courses of 6 weeks or less, late starters are not allowed.

Who is the course for?
See main course description above. If you are unsure if you are suitable for a course, please phone the Kentwood or Poverest Centre and ask to speak to a member of the digital skills team or email

Do I need prior knowledge or experience?
See the main course listing above for information regarding prior knowledge. The college retains the right to withdraw a student from a course if their prior skills are not sufficient to undertake a course.

How will I learn?
This is a tutor led, classroom based course with practical learning on your own smartphone. As all smartphones are different the information provided will be generic and you will be required to take notes that relate to your own phone model. Time will be given at the end of each lesson to do this.

How will my progress be assessed?
Your progress will be assessed by your tutor throughout the course and there will be plenty of opportunity to get feedback.

Is there an external qualification?
No, this is not a qualification course and there will be no certificate upon completion.

What can I do next?
The smartphone courses are part of the DIGITAL SKILLS FOR EVERYDAY LIFE programme. There are two smartphone courses and it is recommended that both are completed.
Smartphones 1 - Master the Basics
Smartphones 2 - Practical Know How.

Having finished the courses above you may wish to undertake the remaining courses in the programme that focus on learning everyday digital skills using a computer.

Computing Step 1 - The Basics
Computing step 2 - Online Essentials
Computing step 3 - Productivity Essentials

What do I need to bring?
- Your own smartphone (fully charged).
- Notepad and pen.
- A folder or some other means of keeping paper handouts organised.

Are there any extra costs?
No. Digital Skills courses are free to all when taken the first time. If you wish to repeat a course, there may be a charge.

Is there work between sessions?
Your tutor may set you practice between sessions to help build your retention and skills, and those students who engage in learning between sessions generally experience greater success.

Enrolment information
You can enrol online for this course. If there is a recommended follow on course, you should enrol on that course at the same time to ensure your place is secured as spaces cannot be reserved.

For further information, please contact:
The Kentwood Centre on 020 8659 7976 or the Poverest Centre on 01689 822886, email

Course Summary

Code: P04469  

Starting: Monday 04 November 2024 

Location: Poverest Centre  

Tutor: TBA  

Duration: 6 sessions over 6 week(s)

Time: 19:00 

Cost: Free - Digital Skills course  

By continuing you confirm that you are over 19 and have agreed to the the terms and conditions




Time and duration

Start Date: 04 November 2024
Start Time: 19:00
Day: Monday Evening
End Time: 21:30
Total Weeks: 6


Poverest Centre  
Poverest Road  
BR5 2DQ  

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